“Drawing itself is inventing, building, making the structure. The colors give weight, bright blue against luminous orange vibrate together, and that energy, I want to let it dance".

” My drawings are carriers for stories; the communication over and over again between humans and animals, who lures whom?”

“Magical questions that make life light. Everything I do not understand receives a small drawing. They are annotations on life. This personal archive is the starting point of every new drawing.”


Works are available through the fine art gallery Posthuys on Texel and Artzaanstad exhibition and art center in Zaandam.

Reproductions of my work are available in different sizes and materials through Art in the Box and Loods 5.

You are welcome to visit the home studio (studio zap) in Krommenie where we exhibit, store, sell and lend out (framed) works of art and ceramic objects.


Barbara Guldenaar has been teaching at CREA, the Cultural Student Center of the University of Amsterdam, since 2015.

Find out what you can create with pencil, paintbrush or your own bare hands by letting your imagination run wild at one of the fine arts courses at Crea in Amsterdam.

Barbara gives workshops drawing and painting in her home studio in Krommenie on Mondays and Fridays (for kids).

a short movie

The Bowl: a short film by director Ingrid Guldenaar about her sister and artist Barbara Guldenaar. Barbara examines her Asian roots in the studio. The latest news is that the film will be screened this September 2020 on the beautiful island of Bali as well as in Zaandam (De Frabriek). What a magic experience it will be...This facebook page will keep you informed of the latest festival selections and performance dates.


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Barbara Guldenaar
Noorderhoofdstraat 63
1561 AS  Krommenie
+31 6 19050102